Lease A One-Bedroom Apartment In Baton Rouge

Leasing a 1 BR apartment in Baton Rouge comes with a variety of benefits. There are many advantages to leasing apartments rather than becoming a homeowner. Most of these benefits are all centered around finances and freedom. Before you decide to lease, let’s take a look at all the advantages that come with renting an apartment at Pine Square Apartments.

Investing For Less

Leasing a 1 BR apartment at Pine Square only requires a security deposit and first month’s rent, depending on the lease agreement. You’ll pay a significant amount less to enter a lease rather than buying a home. Leasing an apartment also doesn’t require you to take out a loan, which could be a hassle by itself. Renting will not add to your debt burden like a home mortgage loan would. Also, you’ll avoid unnecessary spending like home maintenance, property taxes, and interest on your loan. 

Fewer Repairs

When buying a home, you’re responsible for all the costs associated with repairs and remodeling. Choosing to lease a 1 BR apartment in Baton Rouge saves you time and money. Your budget will be more predictable when leasing because you are not responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. From broken appliances to pest infestations, home upkeep costs are reserved for the apartment lessors, not tenants. This alone can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long-run.


A lease agreement is typically set for around a 12 month period. This gives you the chance to move or relocate once that period is up. To end your lease agreement, you simply need to notify your landlord in writing with enough advance notice. You’ll even be eligible for a refund of your security deposit, assuming there is no substantial property damage. When moving out of a home that you own, you must first put it up for sale. Depending on the current market, it might take months before your home sells. Even years, if you’re particularly unlucky.

1 BR Apartments In Baton Rouge 

At Pine Square, we know the value that comes with leasing an apartment. We have plenty of models and floor plans available for you to move into right away. Check out some of the floorplans and their amenities below:

Iberville Floor Plan

  • One Bedroom, One Bath
  • First Floor
  • Square Feet 625
  • Monthly Rent $625
  • Security Deposit starting at $350

Acadia Floor Plan

  • One Bedroom, One Bath
  • Second Floor
  • Square Feet 625
  • Monthly Rent $525
  • Security Deposit starting at $350

An Affordable 1 Br Apartment In Baton Rouge

You can find our affordable one-bedroom apartments In Baton Rouge between North Foster Drive and Choctaw Drive. Schedule a tour to check the area out for yourself. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out online by filling out a form. We have apartments that are ready to move into today! Simply fill out a form online, and we can start the process of moving you into your new home. We’re excited to help you settle into your new space!