Keeping up with the pressures of student life can be emotionally and physically taxing. Every student deserves a safe space to help them become the best versions of themselves. There are many ways affordable apartments near LSU benefit students when taken advantage of properly. Here are a few tips from Pine Square Apartments to make affordable apartments near LSU student-friendly.

Save Time and Money With Affordable Apartments Near LSU

Students should not overlook the value of conveniently located apartments while apartment hunting. With studious all-nighters or mandatory attendance classes, students need to zip over to campus without delay. The closer you live to campus, the less likely a commute will cause unexpected issues. In addition to convenience, you’ll save money on gas. Pine Square Apartments is a little over seven miles from LSU, which means you can get to and from campus in about fifteen minutes. Plus, the closer you live to campus, the longer you get to sleep in!

Create Your Study Zone

If libraries and coffee shops are too distracting, affordable apartments near LSU can be a great place to hit the books. While it may be tempting to study in bed where it’s comfy, you risk falling asleep or hurting your back. Studies show that creating a dedicated study area in your apartment can increase productivity and success when studying. All the studies on workspace optimization have tested and confirmed tips to help build your perfect workspace. Generally, an organized desk with good lighting and a fast internet connection away from distractions is ideal. Many people invest in candles or plants to help create a serene mindset and ward off stress. To reduce eyestrain, consider buying a pair of blue light glasses or adding additional lighting for late-night studying. If you have roommates, investing in a good pair of headphones may keep away noisy distractions. Unlike public study spots, you don’t have to worry about the closing hours if you are studying in your home either.

Create a Mindful Environment With Your Roommates

Many students live with roommates to share the responsibility of monthly expenses in affordable apartments near LSU. However, without proper communication, the noise of living with another person could be detrimental to your studies. Roommates should have conversations and establish a mutual understanding of boundaries and expectations for each other. Discuss topics like rules for guests during weekdays, noise levels in the common areas, and sharing housework. Having a dependable, considerate roommate plays a huge role in your academic success.

Establish a Set Schedule to Stay on Track

Procrastination can be a slippery slope with school responsibilities. It is tempting to avoid responsibilities after getting home from a long day of classes or work. Avoid this by creating a daily schedule to structure your time. Research has proven that schedules help combat stress and anxiety. Affordable apartments near LSU will save you time on your commute to help streamline your routine. When making your schedule, it is important to remember to have a healthy mixture of work and play. Many apartments have community amenities for their residents to enjoy. Like at Pine Square Apartments, many residents enjoy our picnic seating area or our basketball court. It’s vital to listen when your brain needs to take a break. Everyone has limits and once you pass them, the quality of your work will drop.

Interested in Affordable Apartments Near LSU?

If you are interested in fostering a healthy student lifestyle in affordable apartments, consider living at Pine Square Apartments. Our apartment community is home to many students passionately working toward their academic goals. If you have questions, we would be happy to help! Call us at (225) 306-8001 or message us online. We can’t wait to hear from you!