We’ve always been cleaning up after ourselves. And for some, it’s been as early as they could clean it in the first place. But, some of us haven’t exactly gotten the hang of cleaning out living spaces. While a little mess never hurt anyone, there’s a line to be made. Find out how to keep your two-bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge clean as possible with the professionals at Pine Square Apartments.

Cleaning Materials Everyone Needs

You can’t keep a clean home without the proper materials! Start small. What do you need to clean your floors? A vacuum and Swiffer never hurt anyone. Plus, using both is the perfect strategy to hit that carpet/floor combo. What else do we need? A toilet wand, for sure. No one wants to visit you if you have a filthy-looking john. 

So, what’s next? Are your counters looking less than clean? Did you just spill raw chicken off your cutting board? Don’t let that bacteria sit there! Anti-bacterial wipes can save you from a world of headache and possible illness. Wipe down your counters and other surfaces to remove grime and dust sitting in the counters.

Now, let’s get into the specifics. What should you clean your shower with? Nothing beats a good magic eraser on grime and soap scum. Or even a generic shower cleaning spray. But you need to clean your shower more often than you might think. Try to attend to your shower at least once a week

Here’s another fun tip. Did you know you can more easily clean your microwave by microwaving a cup of water first? Any grime on the inside loosens and the steam makes it easier to wipe down. For more tips like this, make sure to keep up with our blog!

What Steps To Take To Avoid Infestations

No one wants to deal with pesky bugs crawling around. When you realize you have an infestation, the first step is to contact our maintenance team. In the meantime, there are steps to take to lessen or remove the issue. 

  • Remove standing water. Many insects lay their eggs in standing water or just need a water source.
  • Put down traps. Once you figure out what you’re dealing with, the best course of action is putting down some kind of trap. Glue traps for mice or ant baits for ants.
  • Clean regularly. Pick up food and take out the trash—rotting materials and muck attract pests like flies and gnats. 
  • Don’t leave cardboard lying around. Surprisingly, a lot of bugs love to eat cardboard. Remove the issue and save yourself a world of trouble.
  • Call maintenance. Some issues just need a professional touch. Don’t hesitate. Call us to get rid of your problem so it doesn’t snowball into something bigger.

Overall, keep your two-bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge as clean as possible. When there’s clutter, there’s probably critters. Do yourself a favor and clean your apartment not only to avoid pests but for your health.

Apply For The Best Two Bedroom Apartments In Baton Rouge

As neighbors, we all do our best to live a clean, clutter-free life. Get your own two-bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge at Pine Square by applying today! Have a question for our staff beforehand? Not a problem. Give us a call at 225-306-8001 or send us a message at manager@pinesquareapts.com. We’re always willing to hear from you. Let’s get you a new home you’ll love.