When moving into new 1 bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge, you may worry that you don’t have enough space to keep all your belongings. The key to keeping everything from becoming a mess and unorganized is the right storage spaces. Luckily, there are several ways to store and manage your belongings. Discover how to make the most of one of our 1 bedroom apartments.

How to Manage Your Storage in 1 Bedroom Apartments

It is so easy to add hidden storage spaces throughout your new home. You should make the most of every space in your apartment. These spaces need to include furniture with hidden compartments, shelves, and over-the-door organizers. 

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The first step in managing your storage space is to declutter all your belongings. Having a messy 1 bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge will only make it appear smaller than what it is. 

You should figure out where you want to store each item. For example, items that may be lying around, such as blankets, can go in woven baskets, bins, or even on a blanket ladder. Another key in finding storage space is to get creative with your decorating and spaces. Make your space comfortable and functional. 

Under the Bed Storage 

An often missed storage space is under your bed. There is so much space underneath to put all your extra items. It is important to use this space correctly. If you just throw your belongings under the bed, you won’t want to use them because you can’t get to them easily or you may forget about them. This space can also become very messy very fast if left unorganized.  

When optimizing this space, you should always place your items in a container under your bed. You can even find storage bins that roll out from under your bed for easy access. 

If you want to make this storage space even more accessible, you should consider buying a bed frame that has built-in drawers underneath it. Once set up, you can grab what you need easily and have everything else tucked away cleanly.

Ottoman Storage 

An easy hack to increasing storage space is to add pieces of furniture that function as extra storage space such as an ottoman. An ottoman is a great addition to either the bedroom or the living room in your one-bedroom apartment. It also will not take up too much space and can keep any extra items that may be lying around. Find the right one for your home and stay organized!

Shelf Storage 

The most stylish way to add storage to your apartment is to add decorative shelves. You can place these shelves on almost any wall and keep your items stored away while also looking great. 

Placing storage shelves in your living room, bathroom, and kitchen spaces can add something a little extra. In your living room, adding these shelves gives you a place to store books, plants, or even picture frames. Bathroom shelves can store towels, soap, perfume, and other bathroom products. Kitchen shelves give you extra space to store kitchen tools and also food items. What you add to these shelves is up to you, the possibilities are endless.

Over the Door Storage 

Adding an over-the-door storage organizer can give you some much-needed extra space. You can place these organizers in bathrooms, closets, pantry, or wherever you need space. They are easy to install and come in a variety of options including shelves and pockets to place your items in. These organizers are perfect if you are looking for extra space in a smaller part of your home.

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