Are you a college student searching for a Mid City apartment? Maybe you are a resident of Baton Rouge looking for a new living space. No matter what brings you to apartment living, you are likely searching for a comfortable, affordable complex with attractive amenities. Besides being a beautifully kept complex near delicious restaurants and mid-city life, Pine Square Apartments is also proud to offer an added layer of security to your living environment. Knowing that you and your belongings are safe is essential when searching for an apartment. Find safe apartments in Baton Rouge at our complex!

Why Should You Feel Safe in Your Apartment?

Feeling safe is imperative to your next home. If you cannot relax in the space, can you really consider it a home? Searching for an apartment with comfortable floor plans in a prime location is great. But you also want to know that you and your belongings are safe. Surveillance, a gated parking lot, and officer patrols can give you a deeper sense of security. This makes your living environment that much more comfortable. And, it allows you to feel confident when bringing friends and family over for visits—not to mention when you leave your apartment for extended periods.

At Pine Square Apartments, we want you to love your space. And even more importantly, we want you to trust that your well-being is our priority. We offer amenities that make your time spent at our complex easier. These include an on-site laundry facility, management office, and fitness center. Additionally, we have measures in place so that you can feel safe whether you’re at your apartment or away for the weekend.

What Security Features Will You Find at Pine Square Apartments?

With over 30 years of property management experience, we know the importance of a great first impression and maintaining beautiful grounds. When you visit our apartment complex, you will be met with a large courtyard and lush landscaping protected by a gated entry. Each resident receives their own code to enter our lot, ensuring that your vehicle is safe while you are spending time inside your apartment. Park your car and walk through our well-kept courtyard, connected with sidewalks that offer plenty of space to go for a walk and enjoy some sunshine. Or, follow them to a centrally located basketball court. You’ll notice security cameras situated on the corners of our buildings that monitor activity throughout the day.

Pine Square Apartments is proud to provide safe apartments to the people of Baton Rouge. And, if you have any questions or concerns, our management team is more than happy to assist at our management office. You can also send us a message through our website or email us at To help you feel even safer, we have courtesy office patrols available to deter any suspicious activity and to ensure our property is secure.

View Our Safe Apartments in Baton Rouge Today

Ready to visit our apartments? If so, contact us at 225-306-8001, or schedule a tour with us online! You can also submit a rental application using our online portal. Pine Square Apartments is excited to offer safe, comfortable, and beautiful apartments in Baton Rouge. We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you into our community!