Typically, college students have two things on their minds when looking for an apartment: affordability and a short commute to class. However, looking for only these two things can trap college students in a lease they don’t want to be in. Many shady apartment complexes rely on inexperienced college-aged kids not knowing what to look out for. Keeping your eyes peeled for green flags while apartment hunting can keep your focus on your studies this semester instead of a nightmare living situation. 

Don’t Overlook the Upkeep

The first thing you should keep an eye out for is the upkeep of the complex. An apartment complex that puts effort into the upkeep of the building will be hasty to help if anything goes wrong. A well-kept apartment is a sign of a good management and maintenance team. It’s also an indicator of where the priorities of the complex lie. When you live in a complex prioritizing their profits, they often let their community’s quality slip. Especially if the complex is in a great location, like apartments near Baton Rouge Community College. They know students will come regardless of the effort they put in, or the care they show the units. Don’t live somewhere that sees you as a number, and not a member of the apartment complex’s community. 

A Friendly Staff Makes Life Easier 

Another green flag when touring apartments near Baton Rouge Community College is the attitude and charisma of the management office. They are going to be the face of your apartment complex whenever you have issues or questions. Let’s say your hot water heater broke or your neighbors were regularly loud. You’d want a management office to help you with a smile. A rude attitude will only make you feel more upset. Not to mention, you would probably receive less than stellar help. 

Affordable Prices and Floor Plans For Apartments near Baton Rouge Community College 

The last green flag college students touring apartments near Baton Rouge Community College should look out for is a variety of floor plans. No two college students are alike and a good apartment complex is aware of how necessary providing multiple floor plans can be. For example, at Pine Square Apartments, we have two different one-bedroom floor plans and two different two-bedroom floor plans. Pine Square Apartments offer variety while remaining budget-friendly. Our budget-friendly one-bedroom ‘Iberville’ starts at $675 a month, and our largest two-bedroom floor plan ‘Galvez’ starts at $725. 

Looking For Apartments Near Baton Rouge Community College? Come Tour Pine Square Apartment 

If you are interested in finding the best of the apartments near Baton Rouge Community College, you should tour Pine Square Apartments. We are only 2.5 miles away from Baton Rouge Community College, which is typically a six-minute drive. Not to mention our Mid-City location- a booming part of the city filled with trendy activities and restaurants. If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call us at 225-306-8001 or send us a message online as soon as you can. Don’t let the rose-colored glasses of excitement blind you to the red flags of a bad lease. Your academic career needs a quality home base to help you pass with flying colors.