Even with a low-income, many services and amenities are available to you! Live the high life in low income apartments in Baton Rouge at Pine Square Apartments. Whether it be in a one or two-bedroom apartment, our affordable rent leaves more room for other things in your budget. With the square footage available in our apartments, you can also customize the space to be your own. 

Live the high life in our Baton Rouge apartments!


What’s most important when searching for a new apartment? Its location might be the first thing that comes to mind. Without easy access to the places you go to most, a potential apartment becomes much less enticing. Located in north Baton Rouge, Pine Square Apartments provides easy entry to Florida Boulevard and Airline Highway. A resident can drive to all of Baton Rouge’s neighborhoods including Downtown, the Garden District, and Mid-City. It is easy to live the high life in Baton Rouge when you have quick access to the top destinations for nightlife, culture, cuisine, arts, and theater in the capital city. 


With the amenities included with a lease at Pine Square Apartments, there is no need to leave if you are a homebody. We equipped our facilities with ready-to-activate cable television, on-site laundry, and a fitness center for all residents. Not to mention our perimeter gate and our courtyards providing a sense of security and wide-open spaces. If that is not enough to ensure your security while on the property, there are also officer patrols available to ensure everyone’s safety. Low cost of living does not mean a low quality of life in Baton Rouge. Schedule a tour with us today!

Take Advantage of YOUR Space

We offer 625 and 725 square foot floor plans. Whether you are renting alone or with your small family, there are ways to maximize space to allow you to live lavishly in whatever style you would like. Most often it comes down to being smart about storage space and clutter. A couple of tips include:

Look Up

If storage is what you are after, make sure that you take note of whatever wasted space you may have. Shelving is a popular solution to this common problem. Check your closet and above your doors and windows. There may be space for more than a few shelves.

Double Duty

Creating a multipurpose space is more than committing to use a room or space for different things. Whatever you are planning for your room, to use the space best you must make sure that you have what you need to be successful in both tasks. Then you must make sure the furnishings in the space equip you to do both tasks without stress.

It may seem overwhelming, yet all of this can be done in a low income apartment in Baton Rouge through DIY projects. Live the high life in Pine Square Apartments!

Live the High Life In Low-Income Apartments

Does Pine Square Apartments suit your needs? Nobody else in north Baton Rouge offers the full package like we do. Picture it in your mind now. See for yourself by scheduling a tour online, or call us today! Let us help you find your way home.