There are so many advantages to living in a one bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge. Living in the city gives you easier access to great restaurants, schools, and businesses. And, a one bedroom apartment can also give you just the right amount of space that makes for quicker weekly cleaning. A cozier space often means lower rent costs as well. So, you can enjoy just the right amount of room at a more affordable price. There are also plenty of things you can do to maximize the look and space of your one bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge. Learn a few tips to help you upgrade your apartment experience. Explore some of the excellent one bedroom living options at Pine Square Apartments.

Tips for Transforming One Bedroom Apartments in Baton Rouge

Again, the key to fully enjoying your one bedroom apartment is maximizing your space! You would be surprised at how easy it is to open up a room with a few decorative touches or organizational ideas. The following tips can help you take your space to the next level!

Versatile Furniture

A great way to make the most of your space is to choose furniture that’s multifunctional. Instead of using a TV stand, it can be better to choose sturdy storage, such as a chest of drawers, that can support your TV. This gives you additional storage options while also providing a place to put your TV without taking up additional room with a TV stand. 

There are also other furniture options that can suit your needs while also giving you more space to store your stuff. Ottomans can be a beautiful addition, and some ottomans also include storage features. It can be the perfect place to put your magazines, books, remote controls, and plenty of other items when you want easy access from your couch. 

Improve Bathroom Storage

There are also ways to increase storage in your bathroom without taking up a lot of space. A lightweight, metal shelving unit can be the perfect place to put things like makeup, shaving items, skincare products, and more! Just add a few bathroom storage baskets, and you can keep all of your items looking clean, organized, and out of the way. This can really maximize your bathroom space in a one bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge.

Using Artwork and Decor to Define Spaces

Many people use dividers when they want to create distinct spaces in an open environment. But there are better-looking alternatives. Using distinct artwork and decor in each area can set it apart and make the room appear larger. And the addition of rugs can give spaces a unique look that ties them together.

Looking for One Bedroom Apartments in Baton Rouge?

With these tips, you can make your living experience even better! So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of living in the city from an affordable one bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge, get in touch with Pine Square Apartments. Call us at 225-306-8001 or contact us online to schedule a tour. Let us help you find your place in Baton Rouge!