So, the holidays are over and every school is back in session! In just a few weeks, you’ll need to decide where you’re living next year. There are a number of reasons why you might need a 1 bedroom apartment. Maybe you’re done with dorm life, your roommate is moving out, you just want the pleasure of living alone. No matter the reason, Pine Square Apartments has you covered. We offer the best 1 bedroom apartments Baton Rouge has for students.

Affordable and Available

As a student, your wallet is pretty light and funds are hard to come by. So every penny needs to be saved and spent wisely. Which is why finding an affordable apartment is high on your list of priorities.

Pine Square has two one-bedroom apartment floor plans available. The “Iberville” floor plan has one bedroom, one bathroom and can be found on the first floor. Rent for this kind of apartment is $625 a month with a $350 deposit. The other floor plan available is the “Acadia” floor plan. This apartment is also one bed, one bath and resides on the second floor of the building. However, the key difference between the two types is that these apartments are $525 a month. That extra hundred dollars could save you a lot in the future.

The average rent of one bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge is $825 a month. Because we charge a few hundred dollars below that amount, you’ll save thousands each year. Therefore, that money could be used towards your other bills or education!

one bedroom apartments baton rouge

Close to School

Above all, your daily trek to school and back can make or break a location. Nobody wants to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to travel half an hour to make it to a class at 7:30 in the morning. Luckily, Pine Square Apartments is a short driving distance from most colleges in BR.

The best-known college in town is Louisiana State University. Students flock from all over the state and nation to take classes here. As a result, the number of students attending LSU never falls less than 30,000 individuals. Unless they were all sleeping in the stadium, there’s no way LSU can house them all. But, they’re just in luck. Pine Square Apartments is a short, fifteen-minute drive from LSU.

Similarly, other, smaller colleges aren’t out of the question. No matter where you attend classes, your commute is just as convenient. Southern University is also a fifteen-minute drive. Most Baton Rouge Community College locations are a ten-minute drive from Pine Square.  Having this short commute will be sure to give you more time for your studies.

The Best 1 Bedroom Apartments Baton Rouge Has

Finding good one-bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge can be tough. So, come make a home at 2888 Dougherty Drive. If you have a moment to spare, maybe schedule a tour between classes. Already decide on which apartment you’d like? You can apply online! If you want to get in touch beforehand, you can always call us at 225-306-8001 or contact us directly. We await your call and can’t wait for you to live with us.