Without a good game plan and setup, your cozy one bedroom apartment can shrink in size. When you move into an apartment and start unpacking your things, finding places for all your belongings can feel like a game of Tetris. With the right hacks, the limited space of Baton Rouge one bedroom apartments can feel bigger as you unpack instead of closing in on you. Pine Square Apartments wants to help you thrive in one bedroom apartments in Baton Rouge with these clever hacks. 

3 Useful Hacks for One-Bedroom Apartments | Baton Rouge

1. Get Creative with Storage 

One way to open up one bedroom apartments is to minimize the amount of visible clutter by creating storage that complements your unique space. Since renters have faced the challenge of utilizing limited apartment space for decades, the number of brilliant storage hacks can have you surfing the internet for hours. To avoid becoming overstimulated with options, here are a few of our favorite storage tips and tricks to get started. 

  • Use adhesive hooks for pot and pan lids. These lids can eat up valuable kitchen cabinet space. Avoid this by hanging them on the inside of cabinet doors with renter-safe adhesive hooks. 
  • Install additional shelves. Walls aren’t just a place to display the art you love. This additional surface space has endless potential for your favorite items—books, spices, hobby supplies, or whatever tickles your fancy! If you are a shoe lover, consider adding a shelf near the floor of your closet for additional shoe storage. 
  • Invest in multi-use furniture. Did you know a lot of furniture is designed with storage in mind? This turns wasted space into something functional for your everyday life. If you have already invested in furniture, don’t fret! You can buy storage containers and drawers to transform what you have. Unless the dust bunnies under your bed are paying rent, it’s unlikely you’ll regret using the space for additional easy-access storage. 

2. Open Your Space With Mindful Interior Design 

The decor of your living space should provide more than just looks. There are many additions you can bring into your space that will create the feeling of a larger room. For example, mirrors help create the illusion of a larger space. Intentionally angling them with window placements can increase the amount of sunlight in the room, too. Another helpful tip is sectioning off areas of your floor plan with rugs! You can take this use of rug even further by using rug patterns that complement the room. For example, stripes visually elongate a room. 

3. Declutter One Bedroom Apartments in Baton Rouge With a Cleaning Regime 

Because of the limited area of one bedroom apartments, neglecting housework can quickly fill valuable space with an unnecessary mess. A dirty home can take away from the breathable living space you worked so hard to create. Procrastinating on chores by pushing them off for another day can quickly snowball twenty minutes of cleaning into a much larger endeavor. You can avoid this by establishing a weekly chore schedule and organizing different tasks for each day.  

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