Finding a new apartment in Baton Rouge is an exciting idea, especially when you think of all the fun decorating possibilities. However, renting can be limiting as you have to follow the lease agreements, but there are renter-friendly decorating trends that have been on the rise in the past few years. Pine Square Apartments is all for creative, renter-friendly decorating hacks for your new space. 

Score Second-Hand Furniture 

Furniture can get expensive fast, especially if you have a certain style in mind. One great way to furnish your home is to get your furniture second-hand from thrift stores, online marketplaces, overstock websites, and estate and garage sales. Some people might feel reluctant to buy used furniture as they fear it will be dirty or beat up but end up feeling shocked by the beautiful and unique pieces they find. Plus, it’s affordable! 

Make Your New Apartment in Baton Rouge Green! 

Studies have shown that having indoor plants drastically improves your mental health. It brightens up the place while giving you something to take pride in. Because of the low maintenance care, cacti, zebra plants, and pothos are some of the most renter-friendly plant options. It is vital to research house plants if you have pets to make sure they aren’t toxic to animals. 

Renter Safe Trends

In recent years, renter-friendly interior design tips have revolutionized the way people view apartment decorating. Social media platforms like Pinterest and TikTok are flooded with creative but lease-friendly ideas to truly transform your space. Tools like peel-and-stick wallpaper and removable bathroom tiles are just some ideas inspiring renters around the world. Of course, it is highly advised to check with your apartment complex before taking charge to guarantee their unique guidelines agree with your vision. 

Cozy Candles

An overlooked element to making a space your own is picking out a candle with a scent that makes you feel cozy. It is a small luxury that goes a long way when creating a sanctuary from the craziness of everyday life. If you are uncomfortable with fire, you can get the same benefits with wax melters or wall plug-ins! 

Showcase Your Art

Everyone’s first thought when decorating a space is probably art, but here are some great affordable ways to elevate posters and prints! First, one of the best ways to elevate your poster or print is to go locate a frame of your choice from a second-hand location like garage sales or thrift stores and replace the previous art with your own. Not only does it make your art more aesthetically pleasing, but it also protects the art and guarantees an extended lifespan. 

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