Affordable Apartments in Baton Rouge for All

Pine Square Apartments have everything anyone could need in a living space. They’re also some of the most affordable apartments in Baton Rouge. As more people continue to call Baton Rouge home—whether as a student or a professional—there is a greater need for safe living communities. Apartments now need to accommodate everyone from one renter to a whole family. 

At Pine Square, we know that everyone’s needs are different. Pine Square Apartments is conveniently located near Baton Rouge Community College for any students enrolled in classes. Our affordable apartments are also located in Mid-City—a developing and trendy neighborhood in Baton Rouge. There is no shortage of events for adults as well as activities for the whole family. Pine Square has affordable apartments in Baton Rouge that can accommodate anyone. 

A Floor Plan Suited to You

At Pine Square, our affordable apartments in Baton Rouge come in two different styles per floor—in one-bedroom and two-bedroom options.

  • Iberville: On the first floor, the Iberville floor plan provides a renter with everything they might need for a basic, yet cozy living environment. If quick access is most important to you, rent a 625 square foot Iberville apartment at $625 per month.
  • Lafayette: As the Iberville’s first floor counterpart, the Lafayette floor plan provides a renter with a whole 100 extra square feet as it is a 2-bedroom style first floor apartment. Rent begins at $725 per month.
  • Acadia: As the one-bedroom option on the second floor, rent for the Acadia floor plan begins at $525 per month for 625 square feet making the Acadia style the most affordable at Pine Square Apartments.
  • Galvez: Lastly, the Galvez two-bedroom floor plan is on the second floor and provides renters with 2 bedrooms and 725 square feet for $625 per month.

All apartments require a $350 security deposit, but any of our floor plans would be a suitable option for anyone who is searching for affordable apartments in Baton Rouge. Are you a student living alone or with roommates? Or are you a small family looking for a quaint apartment in an excellent location? Whatever the situation might be, Pine Square Apartments has you covered. Contact Pine Square Apartments today to make sure your preferred floor plan is available!

Build Your Future at Pine Square

Our mid-city community is growing rapidly. From our sprawling courtyards to our onsite workout facility, our affordable apartments in Baton Rouge have amenities that will wow you. Whether you are a Baton Rouge Community College student, or are much older looking for a charming southern nook to settle down in Pine Square Apartments has everything you need in a living community. 

However, don’t just take our word for it! Our residents have great things to say about us. If that’s not enough for you, schedule a tour with us! We will happily show you the grounds and apartment interiors to ensure that you know what you are getting when you rent with Pine Square Apartments. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. Call us at  (225) 306-8001 or email us at We can’t wait to meet you!