Are you looking for affordable Baton Rouge apartments? With so many choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Pine Square Apartments understands these anxieties and is passionate about streamlining your experience. Touring apartments strategically can help structure and ease your apartment hunting anxieties. To get the most out of touring apartments in Baton Rouge, focus on looking deeper at all the facts rather than settling for a quick glance. There are a few things to keep in mind to see beyond the selling points of each complex. 


This might be an obvious aspect to consider when looking for your new home, but getting a feel for the area can’t be done virtually. You should keep your current and future lifestyle in mind as you explore the area. Envision what your life would be like if this neighborhood was yours. What is the commute for work and social obligations? What kinds of restaurants and entertainment are close by? At Pine Square Apartments, you get to enjoy the Mid-City district and all it has to offer. There is no shortage of amazing Mid City restaurants and unique entertainment to frequent.


It is easy to get swept away by the grander features and amenities during an apartment tour. It’s fun to dream about the possibilities of each option, but don’t get so carried away you overlook possible red flags. Mentally prepare a checklist of things to investigate. Here are a few examples to keep an eye out for: 

  • Sufficient water pressure 
  • Signs of water damage 
  • Traces of pests and rodents 
  • Functioning and clean light switches and outlets 

Being mindful of factors helps you understand what you are getting yourself into before you sign the lease, not after. Your expectations when signing a lease deserve to be met. 

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Apartment managers are there to help you. There is no such thing as a silly question when you are making a decision as serious as your next home. For more than 30 years, our property managers have passionately helped residents feel comfortable understanding floor plans and all Pine Square has to offer

Look For Potential in Affordable Baton Rouge Apartments

After touring enough affordable apartments in Baton Rouge, the sight of the standard white walls and flooring can grow boring. See beyond the surface level with a creative mindset. Decorating and making your home reflect your personality is one of the most enjoyable parts of this journey! You can truly transform affordable Baton Rouge apartments with a renter-safe makeover. Here at Pine Square, we encourage residents to make their space their own! 


The last thing to consider while touring an apartment is the level of safety you feel. This is absolutely something that cannot be evaluated online. Listen to your gut if you don’t feel comfortable during a tour. Your home should be your safe space and should give you the sanctuary to relax after a long day. Options like Pine Square should proudly and loyally protect the safety of their residents by providing security measures. Make sure to inquire about the security measures at each complex. 

Ready to Tour Our Affordable Baton Rouge Apartments? Come Visit Us at Pine Square!

Now that you have advice on efficient apartment touring, it’s time to get down to business. Explore the best apartments in Baton Rouge by calling (225)-306-8001, or email our property managers at We can’t wait to hear from you!